Countries That Are Required To Travel With Insurance

When travelling, the contracting of travel insurance guarantees us a series of coverage that, depending on the type of policy, can be medical assistance and hospitalization for illness and accident, repatriation or reimbursement for cancellation or loss of luggage, among others.

Maybe some think that insurance is not a mandatory process when we organize a trip. However, it is not so. Some countries require the contracting of travel insurance with medical assistance and repatriation coverage to enter their territory. Also, each state or group of them impose a series of conditions on these policies.

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Countries that require travel insurance

Insurance To Travel To Ecuador

Those who are going to enter Ecuador through ports, airports or borders must present in migration a certificate, invoice or proof of having international travel insurance valid in Ecuador and during the entire stay in the country. According to recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of travel to Ecuador, “it is convenient that such insurance is as wide as possible, with extensive coverage of medical expenses and that includes repatriation to Spain.”

Travel Insurance For Cuba

To enter Cuba, it is mandatory to have travel insurance to Cuba with full coverage of medical expenses, repatriation and 24-hour assistance. And it is that the main travel incidents on the island are related to medical assistance due to illness or accident and theft of luggage. On the other hand, health care for tourists is independent of that received by Cuban citizens and is offered in centres of the Serviced system. In them, the payment is usually made in cash, and the cost can be high, especially in the case of emergency and hospitalization.

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The insurance company will give the traveler a letter that proves that he will have medical assistance in Cuba

Insurance To Travel To Russia And Belarus.

First of all, it is mandatory that the traveler has a valid visa that covers the planned period of stay and which indicates the number of tickets to be made in the country. For this, the contracting of travel insurance with medical coverage that can cope with any contingency, including repatriation, must be accredited. The insurer will provide the traveler with a letter for the authorities to confirm that he will be guaranteed such coverage at the destination.

Individually, in Russia, the quality of health care varies by region and, where appropriate, it may be necessary to receive assistance in a private center.

Insurance To Travel To Algeria

When trying to get this visa to enter Algeria, the consulate or embassy requires travel insurance that must cover a minimum of days depending on the purpose of the trip, even if it is for a shorter stay. The copy to be submitted must contain the applicant’s full name and specify that it has coverage for Algeria and that the policy is valid throughout the trip. Remember that the procedures for obtaining visas can be extended several months, so it is advisable to collect all the documents to be purchased in advance to get them.

Four Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

At the time of planning a trip, you always look for information about the destination, flights and accommodation most convenient for you? Thinking about the problems that may arise both before and during the trip, insurers offer various types of travel insurance to assist the traveler with them and cover the costs of solving them. Have you ever considered acquiring any? Do you know how these types of policies can benefit you?

These Are The Reasons To Take Out Travel Insurance

Travel insurance assists you in case of unforeseen events during the trip, but also before you leave. Health problems, with luggage, causes that prevent you from making the trip… In short, the reasons to acquire these types of policies are many.

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Save Money 

The price of travel insurance varies depending on the type of travel you are going to make but does not involve a significant outlay on the total price of the trip. In the U.S, one day in the hospital can be worth almost 4361.72 dollars, while the insurance for eight days of travel to other country would cost you more than 100 dollars.

If your flight is delayed and you are forced to change your plans, or you lose some of the services you had booked (hotel nights, excursions, shuttle), insurance covers the expenses of your plan B or reimburses you for the cost of those services not enjoyed. Moreover, if you require it, the insurer advances you money so you will continue the trip.

Save Time

The insurance resolves your doubts and facilitates the different arrangements of the trip, especially in case of unforeseen events and incidents, such as, for example, that the airline loses our luggage and takes time to deliver it to us.

Before such problems with luggage, airlines usually take an average of 42 hours to get the bags to the traveller, more than enough time to annoy the trip. For this reason, the insurance includes coverage so that you can buy the necessities to continue your journey (clothes, toilets, medications).

It is true that in these cases passengers are entitled to receive compensation from the airline, but with insurance, you can save a lot of time.

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Inform You About Your Trip

The insurance company will always be available to address any questions or concerns you have during your trip or even before and after: from  informing you about  how to obtain your visa  to  indicating the  center to go to if you get sick, cancel your cards  in case of theft or , if you leave some object abroad, send it  once back.

Be Able To Return Home Early 

Are you forced to return home abruptly due to illness or accident during your trip? If, as we have pointed out, travel insurance costs you medical expenses worldwide. Travel insurance faces other fees derived from health care that you may receive, such as the displacement of a family member to accompany you if you remain hospitalized.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost?

Among the procedures when organizing a trip, it is necessary to get insurance for your travel. These types of policies assist the traveller and cover expenses for the most frequent problems during a trip: illness or accident, delays and cancellations of transport, delay in the delivery or loss of luggage, a hasty return home, etc. Therefore, travelling with insurance will allow you to save unexpected expenses on your vacation. If you want to travel protected and when hiring what worries you is how much travel insurance costs, you must know that its price is low about the set of travel expenses (accommodation, flights, food, etc.)

Know How Much Travel Insurance Costs And What Influences Its Price

Before analyzing the amount of travel insurance, we must clarify that there is no single modality between this kind of policy. Travel insurance adapts to the different motivations of the traveler or types of travel. Who travels for tourism will not have the same needs or face the same risks as those who do it for adventure sports or who is onboard a cruise.

Each of these travel insurances has a different price, although it is usually shallow if we compare it with what the total trip may cost or eventual assistance during it.

Also, to assess how much travel insurance costs, it is necessary to know what factors influence its price.

The Duration Of The Trip

The more days you stay away from home, the higher the price of travel insurance, the greater the risk that the traveller suffers from any of the problems covered. However, there are policies whose price varies according to duration intervals. For example, travelling for 8 days, you must take out insurance that covers such a period. However, you note that this maintains the same for 10 days. That is, you will pay the same for this insurance whether you hire it for eight days or if you do it for 3 or 10.

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The Number Of Insured

Although several travellers are protected in the same policy, the price of travel insurance will be multiplied by the number of insured. However, there are modalities, such as family, that allow saving in insurance.


Insurers do not usually offer insurance by country, but cover geographical areas, which are often three: Spain, Europe (includes the following Mediterranean riparian countries: Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Jordan) and rest of the world. This implies that if you travel to several countries within the same scope, Spain, France and Italy, for example you will be covered in all of them without having to pay more. Therefore, it costs the same insurance to travel to the United States than to Japan.

The Extensions

The insurers offer base insurance, which is the one that includes the minimum coverage. However, the traveller can improve his policy thanks to the extensions. Therefore, the more coverages included in travel insurance, the more complete and economically competitive it will be.

The Best Travel Insurance In 2019

When you are about to hire travel insurance, there are many circumstances and coverage that you should take into account. It is not the same to go to a European country than to countries such as Japan, Canada or the United States, where for example a broken leg could include a whopping between $25,000 and $60,000, the costs of hospitalization and treatment for serious illness can range between $60,000 and $300,000, to which we would have to add extras such as repatriation in case of serious illness.

It is also important that your travel insurance has attention 24 hours a day. Otherwise, it would be useless to call when you suffer an accident at 11:00 in Thailand since in Spain it would be 5 in the morning and nobody would attend to you.

The most interesting travel insurance must also have new return coverage in case of hospitalization. Luckily I have never needed it, but I know cases in which this circumstance has occurred, and they have been seen “cannons” to return.

The best Trip Insurance

Among the various insurance companies, the ones I consider to offer the best travel insurance are the following.


It is a Spanish company that is backed by the experience of many years, and that protects all of the trips.

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It is also the company that gives the most comprehensive coverage.


Mondo is one of the companies that has stormed the market with the most strength, offering some of the best travel insurance and trying to gain a foothold among the various travel blogs. They are not an insurer to use, but an insurance brokerage, intermediaries of companies such as  Arag, Axa or Zurich, among others.

A significant advantage of Mondo is that it has a free travel assistance APP to manage possible incidents through a 24-hour medical chat, free assistance call (online) and incident management.

  • Travel insurance: To ensure your vacation and travel with total peace of mind.
  • Annual Multiviaje Insurance: Coverage for all trips up to 120 days each.
  • Travel Cancellation Insurance: Secure the cancellation costs of your trip in case you finally cannot travel for 39 different causes.


IATI is another of the companies that offer the best insurance, very focused on tourism trips and a great tradition in the blogger world. It is a brokerage that works primarily with insurers such as ARAG.

Some Of The Best Insurance For IATI Are:

Basic IATI

Cheap travel insurance designed for trips of a maximum of 30 days. This is a fundamental policy, with a medical expenses capital of 50,000 dollars which covers a minimum of medical assistance and other basic coverage.


Proper travel insurance with medical coverage of 350,000 dollars specially designed for trips to countries with high medical costs

IATI Premium Star

Travel insurance with medical coverage of 500,000 dollars, suitable for countries such as the United States, Canada or Japan. It also includes coverage of 2,500 dollars of luggage and 5,000 dollars of cancellation.

How To Choose The Best Travel Insurance?

Before going on a trip and especially if you plan to be away from home for some time, it is essential to get proper travel insurance. In this article, we show what points to look into when choosing the one that best suits our requirements, in what aspects to look before hiring and a few more tips.

Why Is It Interesting To Take Out Travel Insurance?

Many times we are indeed too optimistic, and we think that nothing will ever happen to us, but the day that happens, if you are also far, it is brown. Since we started our great trips, back in 2011, we have always hired travel insurance before starting each of our adventures, whether they are more or less long. We always leave a space in the budget to devote to this expense, and it is sincerely travelling much more quietly (we and our families) knowing that if something happens, you can have a group of specialists who take care of everything.

Also, depending on the destination, the joke of not travelling with the right insurance can be expensive. Many countries like the US They have ominous public health, and the private one costs a lot, do not be surprised that you have a leg in your cast, but you have to leave without a kidney to be able to pay it! If travel insurance is impressive for any destination, there are some for which it is especially.

Is It Only Recommended For Long Trips?

No, it’s a mistake we usually make. Whenever you go on a trip to places where you are not covered by public health, it is advisable to take out insurance. Also, have it in mind that prices are for the duration, so for short trips, the amount will not be excessive.

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 Keys To Compare The Best Travel Insurance

Check The Maximum Time Allowed To Stay Abroad: If you are going to travel for long periods, check if the insurance has a time limit away from home, it may insure you for one year, but only trips with a limit of 30-60-90 days of continuity outside your country of residence.

Know The Insurance Limit For Medical. Especially in countries like the USA, where for a day of hospitalization they can charge you $ 10,000! We have recently seen travel insurance with a coverage of $ 50,000 … that’s poop! This is one of the essential aspects, and this is known by IATI, which has recently folded the coverage in all its insurances.

The More Coverages Insurance Has, Usually, The More Expensive It Is: If you think you will not need anything related to the delay of flights, luggage, etc. Maybe you can get insurance at a tighter price.

Do You Attend In Spanish? This is very interesting if you are travelling in countries where you do not work in your local language. When an accident occurs, make sure that the attention will be in Spanish and they will take care of everything, without having to bother giving you many more explanations in the hospital, or that they have the service of putting a translator.

Is It Worth Taking Out Travel Insurance?

At this time of year, it is impossible not to think about summer vacations. Who does not have a friend who is looking forward to the date to catch that plane and arrive in Thailand? Who does not have that family member who is going at the agency looking at the most competitive prices for his trip? Who is not trying to match dates with friends to escape a few days and disconnect from the routine? Most people travel at this time of year, and many wonder if it is worth hiring a travel insurance. In this post, we want to recapitulate the main incidents that occur in travel, and although these problems give us an occasional headache, having hired travel insurance will help us and much to solve them.

In the first place, 52.08% of the incidents are related to health. Diseases knock on the door without warning, and they can greet us while at home and on the road. When we travel, some of the most common diseases are gastroenteritis, otitis or influenza. We should know that medical assistance outside of your country can lead to large disbursements of money. For example, if you have gone on a trip to the US and you have the bad luck of falling ill, and you are admitted to the hospital, spending the night hospitalized can cost $ 7,000.

Also, it is essential to note that many of the medical problems that travellers have are related to accidents, such as bodily injury. It is entirely reasonable that when you travel to Thailand, you rent a motorcycle and tour the cities in this means of transport, or that you do some extreme sport or, that you go trekking so as not to miss any detail of that spectacular landscape. These types of experiences have risks that can lead to an accident for the traveller.

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Following the ranking of the main incidences in the trips, in second place is placed, with a 24’54%, those related to cancellations of the trip. Most of us are very farsighted when organizing a journey, and we can even get to hire it half a year in advance. The risk of hiring him so much beforehand is that we cannot foresee our situation on the date of travel commencement. There are many causes of travel cancellations; the most common are those related to family diseases and work problems; On the other hand, there are reasonable circumstances to cancel a trip such as a family member’s birth or job opportunities.

In third place, with 14.06% are those incidents related to luggage. Who does not know a friend who has lost his suitcase at the airport? Being a matter of luck, your bag may be stolen or lost on the way to your destination. The cost of this incident is difficult to calculate since it depends on the contents of the luggage. Faced with such a situation, it is inevitable not to be nervous and scared, but having previously taken out travel insurance, tranquillity will come quickly.

Once the main incidents that occur in travel have been recapitulated, it is time to answer the initial question: Is it worthwhile to take out travel insurance? Yes! It is worth it. We have seen that the main problems that can occur are beyond our control. A trip is to enjoy and go quiet, and this can be achieved at a low cost.

Travel Insurance And Credit Card

Travel insurance is not something you think about first when you go on a vacation for a week or two. We always say that the coverage included in our credit card is enough. The travel insurance offered by your credit card is indeed a good thing, but is it enough? Here are some questions people ask to go on a trip in peace.

How To Benefit From The Travel Insurance Of My Credit Card?

By paying for your trip with your credit card, the travel insurance of your bank is automatically subscribed for you. Warning! Assuming you made payment of the trip to other people (like friends, for example), it is not sure that the travel insurance of your card covers them. Remember to make enquires in the bank beforehand.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover My Card?

Many formulas differ depending on the bank, and the bank cards are chosen, so be sure to inform yourself and read the general conditions carefully to see if what they are offering is your needs. Nevertheless, some points are common to almost all proposals:

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The Duration Of The Insurance

The majority of travel insurance for credit cards covers a stay of up to 90 days. If you are going for a more extended stay, consider finding out about other insurance solutions.

Insurance Guarantees

Travel insurance credit cards can include various warranties: medical expenses, repatriation assistance, death and disability insurance, civil liability, cancellation insurance, luggage insurance… These guarantees are not always associated with your card, so it is essential to let you before leaving.

In most cases, medical repatriation is the main guarantee offered by the travel insurance of your card. You will have the right to be repatriated as well as your spouse, your children and even your pet! Generally, the assistance repatriation intervenes without franchise, from the first dollar spent and without limitation.

Is It Sufficient?

The credit card is therefore handy in case of trouble requiring your repatriation. Yes, but the rest? And this is where you should read with particular attention the whole conditions of your card: in case of hospitalization, the insurance will only advance the costs, you will have to repay them, within about 60 days!

A not insignificant detail when we know that a simple emergency passage in the United States can amount to several thousand dollars!

The second important point is taking care of medical expenses outside hospitalization, such as a consultation with the doctor or the purchase of drugs. In most cases, the insurance of your card will cover these costs and with a deductible varying between 30 and 50 dollars.

An example to be more precise: if during your visit to Montreal you slip on a plate of ice and you will see a doctor who prescribes painkillers, you will have to pay the consultation (about 120 Canadian dollars) then the drugs (count about fifty dollars). Once back in country, he will send your bills to your country Social Security.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Have you never experienced that unmistakable sense of freedom that only travelling can offer you? Explore unknown cities, get lost in the depths of hidden forests, and immerse yourself in a different culture… Each experience is unique, as are the risks and peculiarities of each destination.

In the most extreme cases, you can suffer an accident that involves hospitalization although with that you experience acute stomach discomfort, you will notice the difference between travelling or not with the guarantee of proper travel insurance. The thing may not happen to adults and does not affect your health but can you think what it seems like to be arrested for something that you do not even know is a crime in the place where you have decided to spend your vacation?

These and many other issues are more common than you would expect, but reasonable travel insurance will help you get out. In practice, the choice of one or another policy will depend, to a large extent, on the type of trip you are going to make. Although medical coverage is a must of any choice, there is an extensive catalogue of guarantees at your disposal that vary depending on each insurance.

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Coverages you need to know

Medical Expenses Abroad

Having covered the costs that, as a result of a medical condition, you could generate during your trip, whether for visits, surgical or hospitalization expenses will give you peace of mind and, depending on what destinations, will prevent an accident or illness from being ruined for your pocket

Cancellation, Interruption Of The Trip Or Removal Before The Trip

Both scenarios represent one of the most various coverages in any travel insurance. The reason is none other than to recover the investment made in your trip although, in the case of cancellation before the trip, you should consult the particular conditions that will allow you to benefit from the refund of the budget.

Baggage And Delay

Some light travel luggage and others, however, prefer to travel with the house in tow. Whatever your case, this coverage will ensure that you receive compensation in case of loss or theft of luggage.


Health problems or accidents are one of the issues that may involve your return, a task that will always be carried out in the most appropriate sanitary transport and according to medical criteria. The reasons may be a simple illness, an accident or, in the most extreme cases, death.

Early Return

Another of the daily coverage that travel insurance has is the guarantee of a first return. The reasons that would be covered and may lead you to interrupt your stay away from home are due to severe illness or accident, death or severe damage at home or professional premises

Assistance During The Trip

If you are travelling with your family or friends, you will always be accompanied and have a network of professionals who will assist you if you need medication or if you have to send urgent messages.

What Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover You?

An accident with a bicycle, a fall, an animal bite or an accidental disease abroad can ruin your vacation. That is why travelling protected is something we are increasingly aware of.

Travelling carries risks, and many unforeseen events may occur when we move. Even though travellers are the protagonists of their uncertainties, travel insurance helps to solve mishaps and minimize risks, in addition to providing an economic contribution in case we have to pay some medical prices. Therefore, when we travel abroad, it is convenient to know in advance if Social Security will cover medical costs in the country of destination in case of an accident.

The price of good insurance does not usually exceed 5% of the cost of the trip; for this amount, the tranquillity that is gained is enormous. One does not know how serious it may be for you to have a setback on the trip until it happens, the operation to solve it can be very complicated, but from the economic point of view it can also be serious.

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Fixing Insurance Coverages Becomes Necessary          

There are many travel insurance and travel assistance and coverage as well, but the most common are usually medical assistance, transfers and repatriation, problems with luggage or cancellation fees. Every time the offer is broader and with higher capital, new coverage is added to the products and their drafting is improved based on the demand and evolution of the markets.

Health-related problems are those that most concern travellers. So it is that, according to this expert, the coverage most used by the insured when they are away from home especially abroad and on vacation are medical expenses, followed by cancellation expenses, transfers, luggage or delays.

However, if the trip is special as, for example, to practice skiing, the insured also uses others such as rescue on the slopes, along with the medical care on the slopes by accident, And, although they are less known, some travel insurances have other benefits such as data recovery, the transmission of urgent messages .

An unknown issue is that credit cards usually include travel assistance insurance, so it is advisable to know what coverages we have and what their economic limits are.

What Travel Insurance Does Not Cover You

When you take out insurance you don’t have to trust, not everything is covered when we travel, although it will always depend on the benefits and the coverage that we have acquired. So, what travel assistance insurance does not usually cover?

Although it may seem easily understood, accidents that occur due to wars or riots are excluded. In this sense, many general conditions directly rule out claims arising from being present in war zones (unless it can be shown that it has no relation to this). There are even entities that have listings of places that are out of coverage.

Exclusions can also refer to pre-existing diseases that were suffered before the trip, and even some general conditions specify that malaria is excluded. Similarly, participation in bets or challenges, practising boxing, martial arts or activities such as caving or adventure sports would also escape coverage, as well as a rescue in the mountains or the desert.