Golf club rules

Most golf clubs around the world have the same dress etiquette. Gold is such a sport that demarcates the dress pattern, and it all depends on the Golf Club for which the players are playing. Golf dress code(แต่งตัว ไป ตี กอล์ฟ, which is the term in Thai) for gentlemen and ladies are different. It depends on what course the players are taking up and under which conditions they are playing. Some clubs are so strict with their dress rules that the beginners are frightened to take up the sports with high spirit. The golf clubs work on some simple dress rules to make things easy for the players. 

Dress rules

Gold dress rules are different for gentlemen and ladies. They are strict that men must wear only trousers or shorts and t-shirts with collars and sleeves. Dry golf shirts are allowed, but they must have a new round neck tucked in trousers or shorts. They must avoid collarless t-shirts, dress shirts, denim, pool or beachwear, or athletic dresses. Ladies must wear golf shirts or blouses with golf trousers, shorts, or skirts, and just like men, they are not allowed to wear dressy shirts, beachwear, athletic wear, or denim. It is always advisable to contact the club before heading for the sport in the club to be sure of the dress rule.

Footwear rule

Players playing in the exclusive club must avoid clothing like jeans, shorts, flip-flops, tee-shirts, and casual sandals. If it is impossible to get in touch with the club before reaching them, it is better to be safe with clothes like a collared t-shirt, smart shorts, trousers, a belt, and golf shoes. Shoes for playing Golf are, like flat-soled training shoes, soft spike shoes with socks are mandatory. One must avoid metal spikes, shoes, open shoes, and sandals. But the club must consider some comfort for the first-timers. Walking for 5 minutes would make you sweaty during summer, so it is better to wear trousers. Players would prefer to wear shorts and skirts.