Your vehicle is your treasure and hence you wish to take them with you when you are moving or enjoying vacation in another city or shifting to another place due to work. There are various options to move your vehicle. However, the first option that many consider is to drive their car by themselves to the destination. 

Driving a car by yourself adds additional wear and tear to you and your vehicle. Therefore, the best and reasonable option is shipping your car with the help of an auto transportation company. Shipping your car with the help of a transportation company includes various benefits, such as:

  • It saves time.
  • It saves money.
  • It protects your vehicle.
  • You get the door-to-door delivery option.

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Documents required while shipping a car

Every agreement or transaction needs basic paperwork for a smooth flow. These paper works can be confusing and stressful. 

However, when it comes to shipping a car, you require only a few documents to finish the paperwork. 

They are:

  • Bill of lading (BOL):

Bill of lading is an important document. It acts as evidence of the vehicle’s condition at the time of pick-up and delivery.

  • Insurance:

Another mandatory document is insurance while shipping the car is the insurance of the auto-shipper. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage before you settle the agreement.

  • Lienholder authorization:

You need lienholder authorization only when the auto-shipper is using a seaport.

  • Absent owner authorization: 

Similar to lienholder authorization, this document is also necessary only when the auto-shipper is using z seaport. You need this when you assign someone else to pick-up the delivered vehicle from the port. 

  • Documents not necessarily required:

Requirement of the documents like title and registration, proof of insurance, and photo ID of the customer depends on the company preferences. Many companies do not ask for these documents. 

Is the Title or Registration of the Car Necessary?

  • The title of the car refers to the owner of the car. It conveys to whom does the car belongs. 
  • Registration of the car means that the car owner has all the necessary legal documents.
  • The transport company does not ask for a title and registration particularly. Every person ships a car for different reasons. One cannot produce the title every time they ship a car. 
  • However, it is always good to confirm whether the auto transport company requires the title and registration documents or not to ship the vehicle.

Therefore, always make sure you a have bill of lading and your insurance documents safely with you. Title and registration is not mandatory for shipping a car within the nation.