While carrying a firearm, you need to make sure it is intact at its place, not moving, and tightly positioned. Holsters are great in keeping the complete posture of your body along with the gun and prevent accidents.

What is a holster?

A holster is a safety case that carries firearms on a person. It is kept close to the body so that you can access the gun when you need it These days holsters are completely multifunctional and modernized, which makes them much more efficient.

What is a Leather holster?

A holster made out of leather to carry the firearms is called a leather holster. It is widely preferred by shooters, civilians, and cops due to its high durability. Leather holsters are excellent on their own but still, people decide to get them modified according to their personal tastes for great styles.

Custom Leather Holsters

Custom Leather Holsters are the personalized holsters specially designed according to the choices of the shooter. These holsters are made of leather but not the regular one rather there are hundreds of different designs that suit the owners’ preferences.

Popular Holsters used for customization

For making special designs, the basic holsters are chosen according to the firearm (pistol, revolver, etc.), and then the details are added from material to patterns. Popular holsters to be customized are-

  • The Urban Holster
  • The Nighthawk Holster 
  • The Professional Holster
  • The Purse Holster
  • The Crossdraw Holster

Unique designs of Custom Leather Holsters

Some very unique customized designs are-

  • Stingray Holster and Mag Holder
  • Full Stingray Concealed Holster 
  • Alligator and Crocodile Holster
  • Ostrich Leg Holster
  • Elephant Holster
  • Indian Motorcycle Holster
  • Alligator Holster with Thumb Break
  • Holster for Streamlight Laser
  • Elephant Holster for Revolver

These designs are solely made by combining the efficiency of an actual holster and the carved designs of different types of leather.

Customized Retention methods

These holsters are designed for stability and immediate access to the gun. Thus, there is a variety of retention methods used these are-

  • Friction
  • Flaps
  • Trigger Guard locks
  • Straps

These retention systems, secure the gun in every possible way and conceal it.

Features of a Custom Leather Holster

The Custom Leather Holsters have the following perks over the non-customized ones, 

  • Comfortable: The shape and size of the customized holster are made according to your body preferences and hence lead to better management and overall comfort while carrying the gun for a long time.
  • Full coverage: These holsters are totally compatible with your gun and cover the trigger and barrel fully and held at its place tightly.
  • Perfect fit: Each custom holster fits your specific firearm perfectly; the modifications lead to improved retention and additional protection.

How to find the Best holster?

There is no best holster rather the one that fits your needs is the best one for you.  After working out your firearm, its model, retention that you want, placement of the gun, and other designer specifications, you can narrow down your choices. Then discuss with the craftsman about the details and your best Custom Leather Holsters are made right away.