Pickleball is officially taking over. Pickleball, a paddleball game that incorporates elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, is called pickleball. Solid paddles made from wood or composite materials are used by two to four players to hit a perforated, polymer ball. It is similar in appearance and size to a waffle ball with 26-40 holes.

The sport was invented on Bainbridge Island (near Seattle) in 1965 by three dads, including Joel Pritchard who became a U.S. Congressman. Axios reports that the idea was created on Bainbridge Island (near Seattle) in 1965 by three dads, Joel Pritchard and John Pritchard.

Pickleball courts are being added to new park designs all across the country. Pickleball has seen a surge in popularity since the pandemic. It is a safe and enjoyable way to have some fun outside of the house.

A MA town in New England is building a huge indoor sports complex that will include pickleball courts and space for other activities.

Pickleball locations in St. Petersburg

There are currently several outdoor and indoor courts in the City of St. Petersburg. These are the locations:

Coquina Key Sports Complex3595 Locust Street Southeast

Crescent Lake Park

1320 5th Street North

Booker Creek Park

2300 13th Avenue North

Roberts Recreation Center

1426 50th Avenue North

Campbell Park Recreation Center

601 14th Street South

Walter Fuller Recreation Center

7891 26th Avenue North

Lake Vista Recreation Center

1401 62nd Avenue. South

J.W Cate Recreation Center

5801 22nd Ave. North

Gladden Park Recreation Center

3901 30th Ave. North

Fossil Park Sports Complex

6635 Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. St. N.

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