The golden teacher mushroom is a type of magic mushroom that people use. It is mainly known for being a type that has powerful hallucinogenic properties too.  Apart from its widespread use, the mushroom has a history dating back to the 1980s from its discovery in Florida.

People who use magic mushrooms get diverse experiences that researchers and scientists cannot put into one box of broad experiences. But as with all hallucinogenic and magic mushrooms, they boost your dopamine and give that euphoric feeling.

People also refer to them as psilocybin mushrooms, which highlights their hallucinogenic properties. But one thing to note about them is that many states see them as illegal because the use of drugs is simply against those states’ law. But still, the type of mushroom gets traction because of many people forwarding its healing properties.

As the mushroom gained more traction, people from cities and urban places started getting word about it. They wanted to see the benefits these golden teachers have for themselves. And it was not even that hard to find them because one can easily distinguish these mushrooms due to their somewhat different shape and large size.

They are also the type of magic mushroom whose effects are not as strong as other magic mushroom types. It is exceptional for casual use and shorter trips, lasting about two to four hours, but some affect you for the whole day. One can say that they are the safest and most accessible for beginners and novices.

They look more significant than average mushrooms whose top cap is darker with what people refer to as golden caps on top. What is also interesting is that this type of mushroom is not sensitive. Whether you get it from an organic way of farming, wild forests, or labs where scientists study them, you get the same physical features.

They are also effortless to grow. The reason behind this fantastic news is that these mushrooms might be different than most mushrooms because of their hallucinogenic properties. Still, they quickly grow and increase in the most straightforward environments. They do not carry special needs, which is terrific for people who want to grow them independently.

But of course, there is a catch to these things. Though these mushrooms can indeed live even with the worst conditions, it takes them so much time before one enjoys the fruits of their labor. Many people love starting, but not everyone patiently waits. If you plan on growing a hallucinogenic mushroom, then you can start with this, but take note that it will test so much of your patience.

Colonization regarding planting refers to the point by which the plant has established itself in the area. Many people refer to it as the point wherein the roots are attaching themselves to the ground. For these mushrooms, it takes two weeks and more to colonize. Although you do not have to worry about its sensitivity, you should still be on the lookout for its growth.