Looking for some DayZ hacks? Then here is your survival guide to get you started and get you going in the game. Since gaming has grown to be more than just a hobby and activity to pass time, all gamers need these tricks to stay ahead.

While there are no 100% guarantees that you are going to stay alive in the game forever, there are some tips that will help you survive for a couple more minutes. Check them out below and keep them in your mind;

Death is Inevitable

Oh well, this is probably not the best way to start this list but it is better to keep in mind that DayZ is one of those games you can never really “WIN”. The main goal as a player in this game is to survive and stay alive for as long as you can.

So don’t fret or stress on it too much. In the beginning, it might be a little challenging and they might just leave you to struggle a little bit so you can get the right footing for a decent start. Every new player needs this.

Finding Items

This is what will keep you alive the longest. Here, you need to have the basics, food, water, and of course the necessary weapons to keep you going. You have to be able to face your enemies head-on when the time comes.

This also means you first find out where you can get these. Before starting off to the inland, check the houses first to find food and water. If you can’t find any or are having a hard time finding food it’s most probably someone else was already there. Whatever the case, always start with food items or better off, restart.

Water and weapons are just as important as food. You can check in sheds, garages, plane crash sites, warehouses, and anywhere else that looks like you can find any useful tool like a pipe, a hatchet, or anything similar.

Watch your Stats

While you are busy fighting, make sure to also be watching your stats. The main reason why you don’t want to completely shut your mind off the stats is to conserve your energy for the long term.

That is in terms of your health, temperature, food, and water. If you are going to survive the fight, then you must have enough energy to drive you through. Everything has an arrow that indicates your status showing whether you are increasing or running out of any resource.

Download Hacks and Aimbot

In a game like DayZ, you must do what you have to do to stay alive and play for longer. If this means getting advanced features from other resources then you better go for it else you wouldn’t even finish the first phase.

There are many available hacks you can get to keep you going and make the game easier for you. Aimbot is just but one of them. It is also one of the most effective features, helping you shoot at your enemies automatically. Check out what features and hacks you need and go for them.