Japan is the treasure trove for all wander lusting minds. The fascinating landscapes of the country and the countless number of places to visit, make it difficult to choose a few places to visit when you have a limited number of days. Some information is essential to plan the trip well and avoid problems at any destination. While the entire world is trying to go digital, Japan is still far from being a cashless country. exchange rates are high, and so withdrawing money directly from the ATM is the best idea. 7-Bank is presently the only bank offering the best rates.

Super-efficient transportation

While gathering japan tours infoa vital factor to consider is transportation. Is it necessary to book the private transfers in advance? Well, you will be glad to know that the public transport system is highly functional in the country, with special mention of the metro and train systems. Imagine the complexity and convenience when Tokyo alone has 150 lines and 2,000 stations, including underground and overground rail. For journeys within the city, the distance of travel will be the parameter for rate calculation. Getting an IC card will be the right thing to avoid calculations. You can enjoy the discounts too. 

Pick the right locations

It will be easier to take day trips if you are staying at a smart location. It can save hours of commutation. When in Tokyo, you can pick any location on the circular YR Yamamoto Line, which will help you go to any area of the city quickly. Staying at Shinjuku or Shibuya are also great options as you have lots to see and do. In Kyoto, the area around the Nishiki market is a convenient location to check out most of the major attractions. But to experience the architecture of age-old traditions, Gion should be your pick.