Thailand is popular among tourists for fishing sports and tour places. It is the most visited destination by people to spend their vacations. It has also recently grown in popularity among fishers looking for giant fish species. Thailand has to offer a lot to its tourists that no other country has. The fish species found in the lakes of Thailand are very alluring and unique species that are found very rarely at any other place than Thailand. When planning Thailand fishing holidays, lake fishing is a must.

It has to provide the best wild and exotic fishing in the freshwater lakes and ponds with a jungle exciting feel in Thailand.

Lure and Fly fishing – This Technique is suitable for both beginners and professional anglers. It is a treat to the visitor’s eyes when watching the anglers using the lure and fly fishing method. The secret behind lure fishing is, the more time you spend the more number of fishes you can catch. You can catch a wide variety of fish species such as freshwaters sport fishes including Thai mahseer, striped snakehead, monster catfishes, alligator gar, catfishes, and many more. 

Lure fishing – Lure fishing has a lot to offer to the tourist or anglers visiting or are there for catching the different wild fish species. Many fishers enjoy fishing with baits because it is a thoroughly enjoyable sport. The range of products, designs, colors, and resources provided in the lure market can make lure catching seem daunting to newcomers. Fabricated baits are designed to mimic larger fish for which proper knowledge of using baits is very essential.

Fly Fishing – Many people consider fly fishing to be a serene experience. To enjoy the advantages of staying in a local habitat, fly fishing is the best method to choose from, when planning to indulge in water sports in Thailand. Fly fishing mostly makes use of baits such as wet flies, poppers, and many other baits.