Camino Recovery is one of the big destination rehab options for clients seeking remote, luxury accommodations and an individualized program. This is located in Velez-Malaga, a city on the coast of Southern Spain. Camino Recovery is an exclusive luxury treatment facility and it is specialized in the care of clients struggling with substance abuse as well as individuals with co-occurring disorders. The facility seeks to heal the mind and body. Camino Recovery offers residential, outpatient services and family therapy rooted in a holistic approach.

  • Facility and Meals

Camino Recovery hotel is providing an idyllic environment for clients to begin their recovery journey. The tranquil retreat is situated on a 10-acre bluff surrounded by natural beauty. Residents stay in an extravagant seven-bedroom equipped with a private swimming pool and a campus of gorgeous landscaped gardens and avocado groves. The rooms boast queen and king-sized beds, private bathrooms, plush furnishings, and stunning Spanish decor.

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  • Treatment Protocol and Team

Camino Recovery offers clients an individualized curriculum that begins with an assessment to determine what plan best fits their specific needs. If a physician deems it necessary, the facility can provide detox for clients that include around-the-clock medical supervision. The length depends on the needs of the clients but typically lasts between five and seven days.

  • Bonus Amenities

Every morning begins with a walk on the beach, with the shore just minutes away from campus. Clients also enjoy meditation, acupuncture, and massage, and take regular trips to the local gym and spa.

Camino Recovery succeeds in providing a peaceful and friendly environment for healing far removed from any distractions. This is one of the good destination rehab options for clients seeking remote, luxury accommodations, an experienced professional staff, and an individualized program that balances evidence-based methods with holistic ones.