If you planning for Japan then one thing you should know about is their tipping service. They do not accept tips. In many restaurant and places, their staff do not accept tips. It may be unusual but this is true that Japan is the one and only country in the whole world, where tipping is not allowed. So, if you are planning to visit here then you need to take care of Tipping services in Japan.   

Some important things to know before visiting Japan

Cash society – Japan is a cash society, and it is very a common way to pay in Japan by cash rather than cards. Most of the shops and restaurants do not accept cards even Japan ATMs do not accept foreign credit and debit cards. Some famous places like drugstores and popular local shops are tax free; you have to show you ID card and passport to avail the benefits. 

Upscale Hotels and Spa – however, tipping is not allowed in Japan but some upscale hotels accept tipping but if they refuse for tipping then never insist them. If there is no additional charge included in your bill, still don’t try to give them tip. If you really want to give tip on your special occasion then it should be in an decorative envelope and seal it. The tip should be presentable as a gift not an additional charge. Same thing applies in spas and salon, if you want to give them tip then put money in envelope and put it at their place. 

Transportation – rounding up fares is a common thing in throughout Asia, but if you are in Japan then don’t to try make them to keep the change otherwise they will give you exact amount of change. They refuse extra money and tipping. Not only local taxi drivers even tourist companies also refuse to keep change and additional money.