Plan exciting outdoor activities where all guests participate and enjoy with others. It’s a time to spend with others and have fun. Everyone is tired of tough daily routine, so such events are a wonderful respite from the monotony life. This is the best opportunity to socialize and celebrate at the same time. There are games, music, dance, food, magic show, photo booth and so on. Mostly, guests love games as they are enjoyable to them in a unique way. They don’t get enough time in other days to go to sports club, so this is the right platform to discover their sportsman spirit. Some games have group competition that helps develop sense of belongingness and co-ordination. Now birthdays and other parties are not for kids only, adults can equally enjoy their time together with old friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors. 

Given here are ten outdoor activities for Capricorns Man and Woman

  1. Water games

Water games are a creative way to cool off is scorching summer days when everyone is looking for a way to get rid of hot temperature. Water ball splash and water balloon piniata are two extremely enjoyable games. 

  1. Outdoor sports

These are played in the ground near the pool and are suitable for adults. These can be basket ball, volleyball, tennis, ping pong, javelin throw, baseball, cricket and skating. But some games need more space like baseball and cricket. Skating is a bit risky and only experienced players should participate as it can hurt if someone falls off. 

  1. Fins relay race

All racers wear fins instead of shoes and run to surpass others. Whoever reaches the point before all others is declared winner. This game is usually for kids but adults can also play it. It’s not as easy as it apparently seems. There is lot of effort involved and of course practice. Fins make running hard because of their elongated shape. 

  1. Art competition

Get different shapes, card board, colors, baskets, plastic containers, sponge and related tools. Make different teams and begin making different objects like flowers, sponge balls, vases. You can pain plastic container in various patterns to see who make the most beautiful design. For kids, simple water painting and pencil drawing on paper is also a nice idea. Capricorns loves such artistic outdoor activities because they are the best way to exhibit your esthetic sense and skills. 

  1. Food contest

This is a popular game for adults where they are given some food like fruits, desserts, fast food or any other eatable. They are supposed to eat as many as they can. All players are presented with a table where food is set. The one who consumes most of the items than others is the winner. This game may not be suitable for young ones as it can cause choking, indigestion and related disorders because overstuffing is not a healthy practice for them. 

It’s good to play this game on empty stomach or before the meal to increase chances of winning. 

  1. Sponge bulls eye

Draw a bull’s eye and assign a point’s value to each circle of the target. The player will stand on the starting line and toss sponge at the target. It’s good to form different teams. Use any number of points to make game interesting. For younger kids, make shapes instead of numbers. 

  1. Duck duck goose

Its kids most favorite game so far. All players sit in a circle and one of them walks around the circle, dripping sponge on everyone’s head and saying ‘drip, drip’ drip. He goes on until he reached a player to drench fully. Because kids love water and playing with it, this is an enjoyable game for them. This game is called ‘drip drip drench’ also. Kids can enjoy as well. 

  1. Swimming race

Swimming pool is so refreshing and gives immense pleasure to play in. Dive all players in water and start swimming from one end to the other and then to the starting point. Whoever finishes first, is the winner. It’s similar to professional swimming contests. This is tricky and difficult game because it needs lots of effort. 

  1. Dance floor

Get a nice dance floor and play a song. Ask all guests to dance on that song. It’s exciting to do different types like couple dance, hip-hop, classical and ballet. Everyone likes music and dancing around with friends. It’s a great stress buster too. 


Those who love singing can play a guitar and take the mic to sing beautiful melodies. Others will enjoy listening to him. No party is complete without music and songs, so it’s a great way to make event memorable. 

These outdoor  activities are highly enjoyable, so plan them in upcoming birthday.