New or Used Shipping Containers, Sea Cans, Conex Boxes | Container KingIf you are in the food, beverage, or healthcare industry, chances are you are familiar with the term ‘reefer container.’ It is a refrigerated container that allows perishable goods to be transported across long distances while ensuring their freshness and quality. Buying a reefer container for sale can be a smart investment for your business as it not only helps you save money on transportation costs but also ensures your products reach their destination in peak conditions. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know before buying a reefer container for sale.


  1. Types of Reefer Containers: There are two types of reefer containers – integrated and stand alone. The integrated ones are built into the trailer while stand-alone ones are independent units that can be placed on different types of vehicles or transport systems like trucks, trains, and ships. The integrated ones are better for short hauls while the stand-alone ones are ideal for long hauls.


  1. Size and Capacity: Reefer containers come in different sizes and capacities, and you need to choose one depending on the volume and weight of the products you want to transport. The most common sizes are 20ft and 40ft, but there are also smaller and larger ones available. It’s essential to know the temperature requirements and the storage capacity of your products to ensure you buy the right reefer container.


  1. Power Options: Reefer containers operate with power supply, and you need to choose between diesel or electric power options. Diesel-powered units are more flexible, can run for long hours, and don’t rely on external power sources. However, electric ones are more environmentally friendly, have lower operating costs, and are quieter than diesel ones.


  1. Condition and Warranty: When buying a reefer container for sale, it’s critical to inspect the unit’s condition to ensure it is in good working condition and has no mechanical defects. You should also ask for a warranty and service agreement to ensure that any issues that might arise are covered.


  1. Cost: Finally, the cost of buying a reefer container for sale is an essential factor to consider. The prices vary depending on the type, size, condition, and age of the unit. It’s essential to compare prices from different suppliers and consider the long-term benefits of buying a reefer container, such as improved product quality and increased sales.


In Short:

Reefer containers for sale are a necessary investment for businesses that transport perishable products. When buying one, you need to consider the type, size, power options, condition, warranty, and cost to ensure you get the best value for your money. With the right reefer container, you can expand your business, reach new markets, and deliver your products to your customers’ satisfaction. We hope this guide has been helpful in your decision-making process.