Everyone should take care of their home not only from the outside but also from the inside. Everything wants maintenance after some time, especially the air conditioners and HVAC systems. People in Nashville hire duct doctors or professionals for the cleaning of their ducts. Duct doctor Nashville uses different equipments for cleaning the ducts.

Additionally, they work efficiently in less time and give the best results. It is better to get this work done by professionals as they have suitable equipments that help them in providing better results. Here are some equipments that are used by the professionals.

Access Tools

These tools are used by technicians to create the entry in the HVAC system to ease inspection and cleaning. These access points may range from small holes to get the optical image, entering the panels large enough to accommodate service personnel entry and bulkier equipment.

Vacuum collection devices

During the cleaning process to control the spread of contaminants negative pressure within the HVAC system is created by vacuum devices. There are two main types of vacuum collection devices available:

  • those mounted on the trucks or trailers
  • Portable units.

Portable units are less powerful than trucks or trailers.

Compressed air Sources and hand held HEPA vacuums 

Many devices used for HVAC systems are breezily powered that require a large amount of pressure supplied directly to the tools. Most commonly air compressor is used to supply pressure. HEPA filtration is needed for such vacuum cleaners. These are specially designed to attract all the debris and water.               

Inspection tools

Inspection devices can be used to evaluate the buildup of debris within the HVAC system, monitor the cleaning process, and evaluate the success of the cleaning methods employed. Some common tools are handheld mirrors, periscopes, closed-circuit television camera systems, and more.

Hand cleaning tools

These tools include simple brushes and a number of pneumatic agitation and cleaning devices. Pneumatic devices such as air skippers, blowguns, and air whips are used to drive agitate debris to the collection devices.