Ashes are dust and that’s the truth but it doesn’t have to be final; if you make a point of collecting your remains at the end of your life, your ashes can become a potent source of personal meaning and The Art of Living Foundation is encouraging people to do just that by providing a unique means of turning ashes into jewelry.

This unique jewelry comes in the form of cremation jewelry – it’s made from gold and silver, and the ashes can be intricately engraved onto it and the final product has a special meaning for you to keep in mind each time you wear it.

Why turn ashes into jewelry?

There’s a reason why ashes are called the final remains – obviously because they are the very final remains, there is also a sense of finality around them and with a cremation jewelry product, however, you can turn ashes into something beautiful, meaningful, and long-lasting.

The Art of Living Foundation is a charity that encourages people to use their remains as a source of personal meaning: It’s taking the idea of a memento mori – skulls and caskets being reminders of mortality – and encouraging people to turn their ashes into jewelry.

The idea is to use the remaining remains of ashes to jewels your loved ones as a way of celebrating their lives and expressing your feelings – it doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not because all that matters is that you choose to turn your ashes into a meaningful piece of jewelry.

How to turn ashes into jewelry

First, you must choose your cremation jewelry product, there is a range of products to choose from, from simple pendants to intricate rings.

Select from the available products, then have some cremation jewelry made; after that, your ashes have to be added to the cremation jewelry.

Forget diamonds. This is the new favorite way to get your ashes; while it’s true that diamonds are a symbol of love, there are other ways to get your loved ones’ ashes; it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of options when it comes to cremation jewelry – especially if you want something specific, like your

Why not just make jewelry with regular gold?

Remember that gold is one of the best ways to store your ashes. there are a lot of reasons why gold cremation jewelry is better than regular gold, though – gold is really hard to work with, and it has to be forged a lot.

So why not just make jewelry with regular silver?

You may be surprised to learn that silver isn’t the best way to store ashes s because just like gold, silver is really hard to work with, but with silver, it’s easier to add some decorative touches to your cremation jewelry.

Bottom line

Perhaps the best thing about the Art of Living Foundation is that it’s not really about selling a product. It’s about encouraging people to reflect on their lives, and use the remains of their loved ones as a source of personal meaning.