An Extensive Guide to Sourcing from China for Amazon
Selling products presents a formidable challenge. It involves identifying suppliers willing to provide the required goods at equitable prices while upholding rigorous quality standards throughout the production journey – from sourcing premium materials to perfect packaging.

Although diverse business models demand tailored tactics, they derive from a standard array of methods and resources—the secret lies in deciding which techniques align most effectively with your brand’s identity.

It would help to prioritise the following aspects while sourcing from China for FBA seller.

  1. More emphasis on quality rather than cost

Most businesses are attracted to China due to its low costs compared to the price available in-home country.

Nonetheless, prioritizing quality should take precedence over cost considerations for those who approach purchasing seriously.

Poor quality can ruin your business, so don’t mind if you have to pay more for a premium-quality product.

  1. Deal with manufacturers rather than traders

If you want a consistent quality supply, it is better to tie up with a particular original manufacturer than any trader.

You must be able to identify between the two as often many traders pose as manufacturers.

  1. Experience in dealing with Western countries

It is essential to check with your prospective suppliers whether they have dealt with any clients from the USA or Europe.

Such suppliers will be familiar with dealing with overseas business and will also be good in their communication. You may also seek references from your business colleagues from your country.

  1. Know the importance of relationship building

In China, a good relationship pays very well. Gaining insights into Chinese culture and integrating a selection of typical Chinese words into your conversations can significantly contribute to fostering enduring connections.

This practice can potentially establish a stronger personal bond over time, which can prove highly beneficial in the long term.

  1. Be acquainted with the whole process

While sourcing from China for FBA seller, you must get familiar with every step of the procurement process to think of a ready solution if your items are ever stuck at any stage. 

  1. Plan well

Your success in procuring from China will depend on how well you planned your strategy.

Devoting ample time to meticulously outline your strategy and engaging in discussions with industry experts to assess your comprehensive plan before venturing into the Chinese market would be highly advantageous.

  1. Get as many quotes as you can

When sourcing from China for FBA seller it is better to check every possible source to find your prospective suppliers.

It will be advantageous if you can identify multiple sources for your desired product.

  1. Choose the right supplier

After scrutinising all the offers you have obtained so far, you must shortlist a few suppliers that match your expectations.

Further probing can filter out a few of them, and at the end, you must identify at least 2 to 3 suppliers that meet your expectations.

  1. Be sure about your BOM

Your Bill of material (BOM) must be evident while dealing with Chinese suppliers. Your understanding of the material list may often differ from your Chinese counterpart. 

  1. Consider hiring a sourcing agent

Hiring a trustworthy sourcing agent can be very useful in the procurement process, who can manage most of the steps we discussed above.

Many sourcing agents with excellent experience available on the market are familiar with the Chinese market and can speak fluent English and the local language.


The success of sourcing from China for FBA seller will depend on how well you planned your strategy and its proper execution. Remember that you must bear a very high cost of poor quality unless you are proactive enough.