Before you Apply for lsm99, you should know about fixed staking plans. For such, the amount that is wagered on or your bankroll percentage which you wager will be one that is fixed. Unlike when it comes to variable staking plans, these ones don’t move. 

Some of the most popular fixed staking plans which you need to know about include the following: 

Fixed wager staking 

When thinking about the fixed wager staking, you will be able to bet an equal amount on each sport which you place. It does not really matter the sport which you are betting on, the odds, or whatever it is. You will have to wager the same amount each time. Another name given to a fixed wager staking is level staking. The level in the name comes as a result of the amount which you bet any time is flat or level.

If you decide to use fixed wager staking plan, then you have to determine the amount your fixed wager needs to be. The general school of thought is that, you have to typically keep the wager at about 5% or even less of the bankroll. You are the one to decide how much you are to risk. The most important thing is that, you will have to stick to it under a wager staking plan that is fixed. 

Bankroll percentage staking

It is a different type of fixed staking plan. For such a plan, you will have to determine what you will have as your fixed percentage. In most cases for this particular staking plan, you will have to bet using a fixed percentage of every wager. While there is a fixed percentage, how much you are going to wager will tend to fluctuate as per the value on the bankroll 

In case you adopt a bankroll percentage as your staking plan, you have to determine the fixed percentage amount. Most of the bettors settle for 1% to 2% on every wager. It will be up to you determining what you think are best for you. The idea of having to keep the percentage low might be the same as with the fixed wager. 

The good thing about this plan is that, it tends to allow you to adjust the wager you have based on the success. If you happen to be winning most of the time, then it is possible for your bankroll to grow and the amount which you wager on to also grow. When you wager more, then chances of winning more are high in case you pick correctly and in the process, build your bankroll.

Staking of bet it all every time

Another form of staking plan that is fixed is the approach of bet it all every time. With such a plan, you will be able to wager the whole bankroll for every bet that you make. If your bankroll happens to be $100, you will bet $100 on every bet. The good thing about this particular plan is that, you are set to win have some mega returns in case the bet is correct.