Slot machines found at สมัคร PGSLOT818 รับโบนัสฟรี are in various options from the complicated to the various obvious. No matter which slot machines you are interested in or your level of experience, there will always be a slot machine game for you to give you several hours of enjoyment and a chance to have a payday that is respectable.  The following are some of the most common types of slots:


It is a slot machine which first gained its popularity in Australia and at the moment, has become one of the major parts of America’s gambling market. As a gamer, you have an option of choosing the number of paylines which you want to play and the number of coins that you are willing to risk per each line.

Most veterans in slots gaming recommend having to play coin on each payline to keep you from having to miss out on any winning combination possibility. You have to be sure of reaching out at the paytable because there are some games which have bonuses which can only activate when you play the maximum number of coins per each line.

Multi line

It is the predecessor of the multi-line/multi-coin machines discussed above, they are games which are largely no longer needed in Northern America casinos for the past decades. While the number of paylines can be picked by the player, they tend to be limited to wagering of a single coin per every line. Most of the games have been accustomed to risk several coins on every line, and that could be the main reason for the popularity which is currently sagging of these particular machines.


It is the type of slot where each extra coin that is wagered tends to unlock other winning combinations. The combination availability is what influences greatly the game’s hit frequency and at times, the difference that is there between 84% and a 100% payback which can be one coin. Because of that, it is suggested that the players have to risk the maximum number of the coins on the machine of buy-a-pay.

Hidden buy-a-pay

It is the type of game which was coined by John Robinson, a gaming guru and it means any slot which features bonus events which can only be accessed by having to play maximum numbers of coins. While the game could otherwise be having an average percentage of payback, ensuring that you play it in the maximum might just boost it into the 100s. It is possible to spot such a machine by examining the pay table and having to look for whatever sort of bonus that requires maximum coins to be activated.

Straight multiplier It is a family of slot machines allowing players to activate the winning combos by having to risk one coin and any extra coins serve in increasing the multiplier for winning. It means that, with three coins you can be paid triple of a single coin wager while for four coins, you get quadruple. But it is recommended that you stick to the single coin.