Rolex. The name says it all actually. It’s the name of amongst the most well-known watch manufacturer in the world, heck amongst the most renowned deluxe brands in history. Passing the numbers, your first watch was or will possibly be a Rolex. However, while some designs, Rolex Daytona watch [นาฬิกา rolex datejust, which is the term in Thai], often tend to jealously maintain the limelight to themselves, how well do you understand the extended Rolex range?

It’s a more varied collection of watches than maybe you know, with each piece fit to an entirely various individuality. Well, to ensure you have the appropriate Rolex for you, here’s our overview on Yachtmaster design in the fabulous watchmaker’s existing collection.


As the name tips, this is Rolex’s regatta watch, developed for timing seafaring races on the fly. It’s maritime, however, that does not imply it’s fit for the seas like other Rolex items. It’ll be fine in the likely occasion you discover yourself bobbing in the ocean, but if you favor scuba diving equipment to sailboats you’ll intend to look elsewhere.

It’s the only Rolex model with a precious metal revolving bezel, giving it the sort of glamorous look an onboard mixer calls for. At the same time, that bezel is a genuine device, as well as in the Yacht-Master II, is made use of to set the regatta timer, simply turn the bezel 90 levels anticlockwise to establish. The timer counts down the ten critical minutes in between the beginning gun going off, as well as the time your yacht is enabled to cross the beginning line; however, can additionally be utilized to time your progress mid-race. Also, without that particular issue, the watch is easy to utilize, easy to review, particularly in the case of the new Yacht-Master 42, as well as simple for any type of yachtsman to love.