There are so many varieties of cannabis, which makes it difficult to untangle the sensitive issue of what is legal and what is illegal. But not only that, because doubts also arise regarding what is healthy for the body and what is not.

Today there are as many companies that produce Cannabis Light and as many stores that sell it. This presents users with a not insignificant problem, namely how to choose the store from which to buy legal Cannabis Light and thus opt for a safe product.

When deciding to buy cannabis online, it is good to check the reliability of the CBD store and choose a safe and transparent CBD Store Online. That is why, before we dwell on the properties of cannabis light, we will list the criteria by which to choose the seller to buy from.

How to choose the CBD Store Online

When choosing a CBD Store Online to buy from, it is very important to make a selection based on criteria of reliability, product quality, and the company’s handling of personal information. The best CBD store we have selected on the web is CBD Therapy, whose goal is to provide products with high CBD content at high quality.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is present in high concentration in a variety of legal cannabis. It is this property that brings immense benefits to those who use it. Until a few years ago, cannabis studies were not as sophisticated as they are today, and knowledge of CBD was only at an embryonic stage.

Recently, several studies have demonstrated the fact that CBD has no negative psychoactive effects, but instead brings great benefits to the whole body and, in particular, to the immune system. For this reason, manufacturing companies have increased as has its use during therapeutic processes in both mild and severe cases.

Assessing the quality of the product

The first criterion that allowed us to select one store in particular among all the others was the evaluation on the quality of the product sold within it. Specifically, CBD in high quantities has antipsychotic, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. In addition to quantity they also detect other characteristics such as consistency, color, and, last but not least, fragrance.

In addition to everything about the quality of CBD, very important is to inquire from the company about the conditions under which the plants are grown. Nowadays, the moment a product has a high demand, it is often grown with the massive use of chemicals. This trend certainly leads to the plant growing faster, but it undermines what beneficial effects it is able to offer the user.

This is why legal cannabis in Italy has a lower level of THC and a higher level of CBD. Specifically, the THC level must be less than 0.5 percent.

Inquire about the reliability of the seller

A good CBD Store Online must not only sell a product with the properties just described, but must also be commercially reliable. When buying online, one cannot touch the product to verify the quality and quantity advertised by the seller. When buying online a handhold is the testimonials of other buyers who have already tried the service.

A reputable store is therefore one that sells exactly the product it describes on the website, delivers on time (usually a few days), and protects the privacy of its buyers.

The area of privacy is particularly sensitive in today’s online world, but it is even more so when we talk about cannabis. Despite the fact that its use is legalized in Italy, if carried out in compliance with Law No. 242 of December 2, 2016 that regulates it, many customers prefer that their names remain confidential.

All these parameters allowed us to select the best among the CBD Store Onlines. CBD Therapy carefully selects plants so that customers enjoy all the benefits contained in the products.

The properties of Cannabis Light 

Cannabis Light is the type whose use and production is allowed by Italian law. We mentioned the reason before, which is the level of THC. In Cannabis Light, the THC value must be within 0.5%. With these characteristics, the product does not have contraindications for the body but, on the contrary, brings numerous beneficial effects. The type prohibited by the regulations is the one in which THC levels exceed the above parameter.

The reason this limit was established lies in the different effects the product has on the human body. While Cannabis Light can be used for beneficial purposes, cannabis with high amounts of THC leads to hallucinations and a distorted perception of reality.

What the Italian government wants to avoid is a product that targets health and causes states of anxiety and confusion, instead of curing them. Studies done on CBD have revealed that the use of Cannabis Light does not produce any contraindications but on the contrary has beneficial power for a variety of ailments.

Therapeutic cannabis, or hemp, is used to treat diverse situations including nausea and vomiting, acne, psoriasis, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, rheumatic pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and spinal cord injury, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, movement problems, depression, insomnia, nightmares, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Why buy Cannabis Light in a CBD Store Online

The online world, as in any commercial sector, offers a wide range of products. First of all, it allows customers to purchase them nationwide without having to move from home. This is an extremely favorable point in the historical period in which we find ourselves where mobility has been severely restricted.

Secondly, online trading of Cannabis Light allows consumers to choose from a huge variety of different products. 

On the web one can find inflorescences, CBD oil, herbal teas with CBD, cosmetics and creams with CBD.

In online shops you can find not only products for humans but also for animals. Yes, CBD oils possess particularly beneficial effects for four-legged friends as well. Products with this base make it possible to combat stress and anxiety that may occur in the animal, are indicated for the treatment of widespread pain and, in general, to promote the well-being of his body. As with all products for therapeutic purposes, so that CBD does not become harmful, it is important to administer in the recommended amounts according to the use to be made of it.

Legality and common sense

Law No. 242 of Dec. 2, 2016, made it lawful to market, produce, and consume Cannabis Light under the terms mentioned above, thus for those products that have a low THC level.

This means that from a legal point of view, there are no risks in consuming cannabis if done within the allowed limits. However, it is always good to use common sense especially when traveling.

Although the use of Cannabis Light is permitted, carrying it with you when traveling, especially on transportation, could raise issues. Drug-sniffing dogs used during police checks are unable to distinguish between light and illegal cannabis, and this would lead to a report that would have to be later explained.

In the case of travel, it is advisable to carry sealed packages attesting to the type of cannabis contained in the product, so that the responsibility falls not on the customer but on the seller.

According to the National Consortium for the Protection of Hemp, in 2018 the turnover of Cannabis Light reached 150 million euros. We are talking about a particularly developed sector that can only grow in the future.