Today, taking care of their appearance goes beyond simply shaving and cutting their nails, men have been going to beauty salons, manicures and looking for modern designs when shaving, and this has been notorious, as we find barbershops with a more frequent in several places and with very modern and cool styles. Something that a few years ago we only found in specific spots, like the city center with that more classic and traditional look. When dressing, combining looks with watches and other accessories is an indispensable factor.

And an accessory always presents in men’s lives, from the most traditional to the most modern, is the watch. Men’s watches serve much more than just showing the time (depending on the model, date, stopwatch, etc.). Each model reveals something about each man’s personality; when well-chosen, it attracts looks and draws more attention to the chosen look and the person who is wearing it. So before any tips, the basic concept is to know yourself.

You need to look for models that suit you, from your clothes to your lifestyle. It’s no use having an expensive classic and social watch if you’re a person who usually dresses in a casual way like shorts and a t-shirt. Or have a G-shock red camouflage model with rubber straps if you dress more formally. So write down these 3 tips on matching your watch with your outfit.

1. Formal Style

Not every man prefers or needs to dress formally daily, but if it’s not for work requirements, there will always be an event that requires a more classic style, such as weddings and work meetings. These are occasions used to wear costumes such as suits, costumes, and tuxedos. The recommended watch is one with leather straps and a classic dial, as they convey a more classic and serious look, opt for neutral strap colors: Black, brown, navy blue, and preferably match it with the color of the belt and dress shoes.

2. Elegant Semi-Formal Or Casual Style.

Steel bracelet watches with a classic dial are the most recommended for fans of this style. Classic and established models from brands such as Rolex and Omega are widely used in the work environment.

3. Relaxed and sporty style.

Usually, watches as seen on pendulum for example need to be much more in line with the occasion than with the clothes it comes with, and these styles undoubtedly allow you to use a greater number of models, as they don’t need so much combination. But it’s still a matter of paying attention. For all styles, it is essential to use common sense when choosing a color. Some people can mix styles and still look cool. But if you don’t want to risk it, write down the tips and start combining.