Before going on a trip and especially if you plan to be away from home for some time, it is essential to get proper travel insurance. In this article, we show what points to look into when choosing the one that best suits our requirements, in what aspects to look before hiring and a few more tips.

Why Is It Interesting To Take Out Travel Insurance?

Many times we are indeed too optimistic, and we think that nothing will ever happen to us, but the day that happens, if you are also far, it is brown. Since we started our great trips, back in 2011, we have always hired travel insurance before starting each of our adventures, whether they are more or less long. We always leave a space in the budget to devote to this expense, and it is sincerely travelling much more quietly (we and our families) knowing that if something happens, you can have a group of specialists who take care of everything.

Also, depending on the destination, the joke of not travelling with the right insurance can be expensive. Many countries like the US They have ominous public health, and the private one costs a lot, do not be surprised that you have a leg in your cast, but you have to leave without a kidney to be able to pay it! If travel insurance is impressive for any destination, there are some for which it is especially.

Is It Only Recommended For Long Trips?

No, it’s a mistake we usually make. Whenever you go on a trip to places where you are not covered by public health, it is advisable to take out insurance. Also, have it in mind that prices are for the duration, so for short trips, the amount will not be excessive.

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 Keys To Compare The Best Travel Insurance

Check The Maximum Time Allowed To Stay Abroad: If you are going to travel for long periods, check if the insurance has a time limit away from home, it may insure you for one year, but only trips with a limit of 30-60-90 days of continuity outside your country of residence.

Know The Insurance Limit For Medical. Especially in countries like the USA, where for a day of hospitalization they can charge you $ 10,000! We have recently seen travel insurance with a coverage of $ 50,000 … that’s poop! This is one of the essential aspects, and this is known by IATI, which has recently folded the coverage in all its insurances.

The More Coverages Insurance Has, Usually, The More Expensive It Is: If you think you will not need anything related to the delay of flights, luggage, etc. Maybe you can get insurance at a tighter price.

Do You Attend In Spanish? This is very interesting if you are travelling in countries where you do not work in your local language. When an accident occurs, make sure that the attention will be in Spanish and they will take care of everything, without having to bother giving you many more explanations in the hospital, or that they have the service of putting a translator.