The cost of owning a private jet might be a bit overwhelming for your business, but there’s actually a more flexible way for you to fly privately without sacrificing time or racking up other travel expenses. You can now fly privately, even to secluded areas that can only be reached by private jets, with fractional ownership and private jet charters.

A Time-Efficient Way to Fly

Flying privately allows you to save time in flying because you get to pick your schedule. There are also fewer delays when it comes to flying privately, since you only have to go through a 15-minute security screening and nothing more. If you’re a journalist or or music scouter and you’re looking looking for stories and talent across the U.S., or maybe even across continents, you can fly privately and hit your deadlines because it only takes 10 minutes to take off. There are also areas only reachable by private jets, so riding a private jet spares you from connecting flights and having to take boat trips.

Fractional Ownership Option

Fractional ownership means you only pay the private jet’s monthly fee and a per-hour rate whenever you fly to another city. The operational and maintenance costs are all up to the jet provider. This option can definitely save you a lot of money when it comes to travel expenses. Light jets such as the Eclipse 500 can fit up to  4 passengers and are perfect for one- to two-hour round trips on the same day. Midsize jets like the Learjet Lear 60 can climb to higher cruise speeds and operate economically so you can save on fuel. It has a cruise speed of 0.72 MAch and can carry 8 passengers. Its wide cabin also allows for work meetings in the air.

No Delays, No Long Waits

Long waits can put you under a lot of pressure. Luckily, the private jet experience is nothing like riding on a commercial plane because you only need your passport and your schedule in order to fly. The crew is at your service for most of the flight and the best part is that they wait for you to arrive! However, it still counts to be on time because you will be charged extra for private jet taxi fees at the airport hangar. If there’s an urgent need to adjust your schedule though, then you can call up the flight team for adjustments.

Private Jet Charters For Less Frequent Business Travelers

If you’re flying less than  25 hours in a year, the best option would be to book a private jet charter for flying for short periods. This happens for most businesses with tight schedules and deadlines, so the need to fly private is a must. Book a private jet charter in 4 hours and you’ll be guaranteed availability of your schedule with a reliable private jet charter.

Fly smart and raise your business to the next level. Fly private at a decent cost with fractional ownership and private jet charters.